Starting School

Getting ready for school is an important part of every child and family’s life. When children go to school, priorities change and so too must support and therapy. At Plumtree we can work with you and your child before starting school, during the transition to school, and up to the age of 9.

During the primary school years we focus on the three main areas of a child’s life: school, home and community, as children get involved in more activities across a range of settings. The emphasis is often placed on supporting schools, but home and community life are just as important. It’s natural that your priorities change from time to time and our staff can work with you flexibly with you throughout this period.

There are a number of ways in which we can work with you towards a successful transition at any stage of your child’s journey:

  • Plan and Do: Keyworker and Therapy –  Plumtree’s comprehensive program for one-to-one sessions with your child
  • Workshops for parents and carers –  We host a number of workshops each year which focus on various aspects of getting ready for school and school-related topics
  • Children’s group programs – Under the NDIS we will develop group programs with up to four children who have similar goals. These sessions focus on social skills, following routines and independence

Getting Started

Plumtree supports families at any stage of the journey – whether you are exploring concerns about your child, have a recent diagnosis, are looking to maximise your NDIS or FaHCSIA funding, looking for services for your child, or for workshops and courses for yourself. Plumtree is a family-centred organisation, focused on the needs of the whole family.

We make it easy for you to take the first step. Find out more about getting started with Plumtree.

Get Started
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