Plan and Do: Keyworker and Therapy

We developed Plan and Do to provide families with a comprehensive program focused on flexible one-to-one support for your child. Through Plan and Do, families work with a highly qualified Keyworker with expertise in early childhood development. Depending on your child’s needs, you may work with a single Keyworker, or your Keyworker may bring other specialist staff members from Plumtree’s amazing team to work with your child using a team approach.

Your Plan and Do Keyworker works in partnership with you to identify goals for your child and develop a plan with a series of steps to achieve these goals. Your Keyworker then works with you and your child to achieve these goals one step at a time.

Your time together with your Keyworker will be practical, enjoyable and relevant to everyday life. You will be supported with ideas, strategies and new ways of doing things that you can use throughout your week, because it is you that will make the difference with your child. Your Keyworker will also assist you to coordinate the range of supports your child needs.

Single Therapist or Educator

If your child has particular needs in one area you can choose to work with someone who has specific skills. Our team includes:



You can pay using your:

  • NDIS individual funding package
  • Private health insurance
  • FaHCSIA (Better Start, Helping Children with Autism)
  • Medicare (Enhanced Primary Care Plan)
  • Privately purchased

Get in touch with us if you’re unsure about which funding options are available to you.


As arranged by you and your Keyworker, Therapist or Educator


Plan and Do can take place at Plumtree, in your home, at your child’s childcare centre or school



You can ask your Keyworker any of your questions on any topic related to your child or family – if she doesn’t know the answer the broader team can help

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