Early Links

When there are concerns about a child’s development, families and professionals work together to find out more about what is happening. Early Links is a flexible short-term program which focuses on what is most important to you at this time.

This might include practical sessions around problem solving, information, linking with other families, and linking with specialist services and community activities. This program is a good starting point for families with children up to nine years old who are still exploring their concerns for their child.

Early Links is part of the Ability Links program and is offered by several organisations in NSW.



Free to access


As arranged by you and your Early Linker


Early Links sessions can take place at Plumtree, your home, or your child’s daycare, childcare or school


Fill out this form or give us a call to access Early Links


Early Linkers work primarily with parents and carers. Your child may be a part of the sessions or you may choose to have the sessions without your child so that you can focus on information sharing, planning and problem solving

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