Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC)

Some children have not yet developed enough speech to meet all their needs. AAC is the term used to refer to a range of communication methods that enhance existing speech, or provide a replacement for speech when speech has not yet developed. It includes a range of methods such as visuals, signs and computer technologies.

Families can access AAC strategies through Plumtree’s Plan and Do: Keyworker and Therapy program. Your Keyworker or Therapist will work with your child and family to implement the best communication system for your child which can help to reduce the frustration that many children feel when they can’t get their message across.

To maximise the benefits of AAC, your Keyworker or Therapist will also train family members and therapy assistants to utilise AAC with your child in your home, preschool or school, and out in the community.

Plumtree also offers workshops for families using AAC, as well as opportunities for families to get together in an interest group.



You can pay using your:

  • NDIS individual funding package
  • Private health insurance
  • FaHCSIA (Better Start, Helping Children with Autism)
  • Medicare (Enhanced Primary Care Plan)
  • Privately purchased

Get in touch with us if you’re unsure about which funding options are available to you.


As arranged by you and your Keyworker or Therapist.


AAC methods can be utilised at Plumtree, in your home, at your child’s childcare centre or school



AAC refers to the whole combination of methods that are used for communication, not one particular method.

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