Programs & Services for Children & Families

For Children

Plumtree offers a full raft of programs for children delivered in partnership with families by a team of passionate and highly skilled therapists, educators and family workers.

Plan and Do: Keyworker & Therapy

Plumtree’s own comprehensive, tailored one-to-one program shaped by children’s individual needs.

Equipment Prescription

Consultations to trial, select and adjust specialised equipment for young children.

Augmentative & Alternative Communication (AAC)

Access an extensive range of tools and strategies to enhance and develop communication.

Secret Agent Society Social Skills Groups

For children and parents, this intensive program develops children’s social skills while building parents’ knowledge.

Drop-in Playgroups

Fun and interactive playgroups facilitated by our skilled therapists, in a relaxed and informal setting.


A raft of programs for children focused on achieving their goals and making the most of their plan.

Starting School

Focused support for your child through their school journey – from preschool, to transition to school and beyond.

Positive Behaviour Support

A tailored approach to understanding your child’s behaviour, developing a practical plan and implementing a strategy.

Music Together

An exciting music and movement based program great for developing communication and interaction.

Lego Together

Using Lego to build social skills, fine motor skills and collaborative problem-solving skills for school-aged children.


An inclusive preschool in Marrickville with a play-based program that fosters each child’s love of learning.

For Families

Plumtree supports the whole family at any stage of the journey with events, courses and workshops.


An informal group for parents and carers to share experiences and knowledge and support each other.

MyTime Men’s Group

t’s a place for you to unwind and talk about your experiences. It’s a world away from appointments and therapy. It’s support for you.

Now and Next

Plumtree’s innovative parent-run program that teaches families how to set goals and achieve them.

Family Stories

View our library of videos, where parents share their stories, experiences and challenges.


A full calendar of free events for families including fun get-togethers plus information sessions and workshops for parents and carers.

Hanen ®

Evidence-based, intensive programs that teach parents how to develop their child’s communication skills.

Early Links

Flexible, short-term support for families in the early stages of exploring their concerns or receiving a diagnosis.

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