You will want your child’s movement to be as good as it can possibly be. Movement is critical for good health, allowing children to develop muscular strength, balance, strong bones, stable joints and good lung capacity. Movement also underpins many aspects of a young child’s learning – it helps him explore, experience the world through his senses, experiment, take risks, socialise, understand his own abilities and much more. For most children, a parent’s main job is to keep children safe as they master new movement skills. Children get all the exercise they need through play, especially outdoor play with plenty of space and fresh air.

Many children who have a disability, or who are delayed in their development, experience challenges with their movement. For these children, quality of movement is just as important as it is to any child. For a child with a physical disability, every new motor skill opens up new possibilities for learning and development in other areas, such as communication, social interaction and cognition. A child may be quite active but still have challenges with balance, coordination or motor planning that may make it hard to join in play with peers.

If your child has challenges with movement, you may choose to have some individual sessions with a physiotherapist. You can work with a physiotherapist through your Plan and Do program. Your physiotherapist can help you to plan for quality of movement in many aspects of your everyday life.

If your child needs help to find good positions for floor play, or the right kind of seating for mealtimes or table play, an occupational therapist (OT) might work alongside your physiotherapist.

In everything they do, your therapists will aim to maximise your child’s freedom of movement and enjoyment of physical play.

If your child is not yet walking, you are very welcome to come along to Explorers Play – a ‘drop in’ playgroup which is free for families in 2017.


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