Our Approach

Families and Plumtree working together

Our Approach

Plumtree has been a trusted early childhood intervention provider for over 30 years and is now an ECEI Provider under the NDIS. We believe that every child can participate in family and community life, and that families—the most important influence in a child’s life—can make this happen with the right support. We adopt a family-centred approach, which means we value and embrace diversity, acknowledge each family as unique and provide a high quality experience for all.

We provide practical services and support for children and their families, helping them to enjoy and use the time they spend together every day as learning opportunities. Our services include working with you to access the NDIS, developing NDIS plans, as well as programs focused on education, therapy, information and training in a variety of settings—mostly in the home, and also at the child’s preschool, childcare centre or school, and our Marrickville centre.

Read Early Childhood Intervention Australia’s comprehensive guide on how to choose quality services and supports for your child.

The Keyworker Model

The Keyworker Model is an approach to working with families adopted by many ECEI Providers, including Plumtree. A Keyworker is a highly qualified, caring and compassionate specialist staff member who acts as a single point of contact between you and Plumtree. She might be a speech pathologist, an occupational therapist, a physiotherapist or a teacher.

Your Keyworker will listen to what you want to achieve and help you to identify goals and develop a plan for your child’s growth and development. She will work in partnership with your family to support your child’s goals while considering the needs of the whole family. This may include therapy or educational programs in the home, at Plumtree, or at your child’s daycare, preschool or school. Your Keyworker will talk with you about what went well, what might be helpful next time and what to try in between visits.

Each Keyworker is supported by the skills and experience of the whole Plumtree team, so they can draw on the experience of their colleagues to provide the best care and support for your child.

The value and effectiveness of the Keyworker Model is recognised in the ECEI industry as best practice for young children with developmental delays and disabilities.

Our Early Childhood Early Intervention Team

Plumtree has a diverse team of specialised staff with expertise in working with young children who have developmental concerns. Every member of our specialist team is a qualified health professional who will work with you to:

  • carry out assessments to identify your child’s strengths and needs
  • plan a program that is right for your child, and
  • achieve your child’s goals one step at a time.

Particular expertise of different types of ECEI specialist staff:

  • work with children to promote optimum physical function and development, so that children have more choices in how and where they move
  • encourage independence and active participation at home, school, in their community and in recreational activities with friends.
Speech Pathologists
  • work with children needing support with communication difficulties, including speaking, understanding and social development, as well as children experiencing eating and drinking difficulties
  • continuously collaborate with families and carers to review programs and monitor progress.
Occupational Therapists
  • aim to enable the child to be as independent as possible in their activities of everyday life, including eating, sleeping, toileting, playing, socialising, participating in group activities and being part of a family, class and peer group.
Special Education Teachers
  • focus on understanding what helps each child to learn best, in their natural environments such as their home, childcare centre, school and community
  • help families to pull together all their goals and plans and put them into action in everyday life.

Family Centred Practice

At Plumtree we value family-centred practice which is the gold standard in early childhood intervention. This approach recognises that each family is unique, that the family is the expert on their child’s needs and abilities, and that they will be there in the long term, while professionals are only there for shorter periods of time.

Plumtree works in partnership with families to make informed decisions about the services and supports you receive. In family-centred service, the strength and needs of all family members are considered.

Plumtree also responds to families’ needs when developing workshops, courses and events, to ensure our entire organisation reflects the needs of the families we serve.

Getting Started

Plumtree supports families at any stage of the journey – whether you are exploring concerns about your child, have a recent diagnosis, are looking to maximise your NDIS or FaHCSIA funding, looking for services for your child, or for workshops and courses for yourself. Plumtree is a family-centred organisation, focused on the needs of the whole family.

We make it easy for you to take the first step. Find out more about getting started with Plumtree.

Get Started
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