Doctor, Mother, Scholar, Author, Daughter, Blogger, Partner, Researcher, Teacher. Dr Emma Goodall is all of these things and she also happens to be autistic.

Dr Emma Goodall believes that she should not be the exception to the life that she has created and that everyone deserves to live a meaningful and good life. We are guided through this extremely informative presentation via Emma’s unique looking glass that gives a greater perspective to life on the spectrum. Emma illuminates autism from her own inside experience as she encourages parents to traverse a parenting style complimentary to an autistic child’s developmental needs.

Emma explains the neuro diversities that children on the spectrum are navigating such as executive function differences, unique communication landscapes and auditory processing difficulties. Emma cuts through the challenges and gives practical tips and strategies when parenting a child on the spectrum, and talks of scaffolding the path to learning for your child to set the foundation for your child’s future. Finally, Emma reflects on the importance of building resilience from a very young age, nurturing self-advocacy and encouraging wellbeing to create that amazing, fulfilling life.

Dr Emma Goodall is a teacher educator and an autism consultant based in South Australia. Emma has a PHD in teaching autistic students and co-authored The Guide to Good Mental Health on the Autism Spectrum.

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