Pictability™ Experience Workshop

A professional experience of how Pictability™ provides a visual way to plan goals and put families in control.

Having a vision gives us the direction we need to achieve our goals. Although many parents have experienced planning for their child as a part of early childhood intervention or joining the NDIS, Pictability™ is a completely new approach.

Pictability™ is a fun, gamified way to help families explore new possibilities when setting a vision and planning to achieve positive outcomes. Co-developed with parents, over a thousand families have now experienced this alternative goal-setting program. It enables families to join with professionals in shaping a pathway to successful outcomes for child and family alike.

Pictability™ gives families clarity for the future and inspiration to get started.

In this practical workshop, professionals will:

  • Receive their own Pictability™ kit
  • Directly experience Pictability™ so that they understand the process from a family perspective
  • Became eligible to undertake Pictability™ Facilitator Training.

Attending a Pictability™ Experience Workshop

The workshop is delivered online, run by peer worker parents who have completed the Pictability™ Facilitator Training and are accredited to run the workshop. There are a maximum of 16 participants per workshop.

The price is $120 per participant.

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