Pictability™ is like nothing you have experienced before.

Pictability™ is a unique and creative way for families to set a vision for a positive and attainable future. Developed by Plumtree Learning, it was designed using informed research from positive psychology, family-centred practice and gamification principles.

Planning done different. A new way to plan and set goals

Unlike traditional planning methods typically led by professionals, Pictability™ puts families in the driver’s seat. Through playful exploration, families reconnect with what is truly important to them, their family and their child.

Pictability™ looks at the family as a whole. Research shows that parents often place all their energy into the child with a disability or delay. This is not sustainable in the long term and carers risk burnout and mental health challenges. The Pictability™ experience is designed to consider parents as an individual and their family as a whole. Children thrive when their family thrives.

The Pictability™ experience shines a light on a child’s abilities and strengths and helps families to focus on the things their child can do, opening the possibilities for a bright future. The experience provides a launching pad for the family to get started with achieving some of the goals which builds parenting efficacy. It also clarifies what goals the family will need professional help with thus providing a starting point for early intervention services.

The toolkit includes multiple cards and boards designed to support parents expanding on ideas to create deeper and more meaningful (ie developmental, social, learning) children goals as well as family and personal goals for themselves.

The Pictability™ visuals were co-designed with families to build capacity and inspire wellbeing and flourishing (Adler & Seligman, 2016) – informed by evidence about how parents used Individualised Funding to achieve their goals (Mahmic & Janson, 2018).

Who is this for?

In accordance with our Theory of Change, this family capacity building initiative works with 3 groups of people:

  • families raising a child with disability
  • peer families who enrol in our leadership and facilitator training and
  • professionals who support families.

Using it in your organisation

The Pictability™ process has proved to be an ideal tool for:

  • Trained professionals and
  • Trained Peer Workers

It is used by these groups to:

  1. Build rapport and induct new families during onboarding and/or
  2. Refresh the family goals and priorities to make sure we are all working on the same page.

Pictability™ Facilitation program overview

The initial visioning experience takes 2 hours. This is followed by:

  • Module one – a 3 hour workshop in which you will learn about the theoretical foundations of Pictability™, become familiar with the Pictability™ process and practice skills to facilitate your first Pictability™ session.
  • Module two – a 3 hour practical session where you are paired with another early intervention professionals to role play Pictability™ with coaching from a Peer Facilitator.

Pictability™ Experience Workshop

Test drive Pictability™ through this 2-hour introductory workshop that demonstrates the Pictability™ program from a parent’s perspective, enabling your team to understand the value of the program for their families.

Pictability™ Facilitator Training

Undertake the two modules to become a professional Pictability™ Facilitator, enabling you to deliver Pictability™ to your clients.

Research on impact of the training on professionals

97% said the training deepened their understanding of family-centred practice. The other 3% said that they had ‘a solid understanding already’.

100% were confident to facilitate Pictability™ after the training

(Based on feedback from participants of seven early childhood intervention organisations in NSW Australia 2018).

Feedback from professionals

What families say

Families say that Pictability™ helps them to explore new possibilities by setting a vision and planning to achieve positive outcomes. Click on the clip below to watch a short introduction of Pictability™.

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