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Reconnect with what is important to you, your child and family through our award winning programs and resources.

Developed and delivered by families, our innovative approaches provide you with the hope and skills to build a positive future for your child and family.  

Join families from Australia, New Zealand, Finland and Canada who have created an inspirational vision for their child and are supporting each other to achieve it.

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Check out our Now & Next Conference

Join other families and share ideas about how to create a positive future for your child.

This annual by families for families conference, brings us together to talk about how to achieve a good life for our children who have disability or delays in their development.

“Uplifting and informative. This conference helped me to see a positive vision for my child’s future.”

Marina, Parent delegate, 2018 Conference

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You can help to change lives and empower people.

Plumtree are well connected with and respected by the government, the Early Childhood Early Intervention (ECEI) community, the research community and the broader community. These connections help us to make a meaningful difference for our families.

In return, our families also do so much in kind work for us. If you have a fundraising idea, or if you can volunteer to help us with day-to-day activities, we would love to hear from you. Plumtree is also a registered charity and any gift is much appreciated and is tax deductible.

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Plumtree Community

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Online therapy, a part of Telepractice or Telehealth, is the new normal for children with a disability or developmental delay and their families. Many may be wondering if it is…
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Reading books with AAC learners

Children love reading books. It’s also a great way to develop children’s language skills. What’s more, using an AAC system (Augmentative and Alternative communication) while you read, is a great…
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