Sylvana Mahmic is CEO of Plumtree with 28 years’ experience in the early childhood intervention field.  She is an advocate for early childhood intervention and self-management. She has served on over 15 reference and advisory groups in addition to five Ministerial appointments including membership of the Disability Council NSW.

She has held executive positions on the Board of Early Childhood Intervention Australia NSW/ACT and was a founding board member of Diversity Disability Alliance. Currently, she is a member of the Access Advisory Group NSW Department of Premier and Cabinet, the NSW Family and Community Services Multicultural Advisory Group, Australian Museum Access and Inclusion Advisory Panel and the NDIA Independent Advisory Council.

She is co-creator Now and Next, promotes peer work and has incubated two new peer-led organisations. She is completing her PhD on individualised funding and supports her son to self-manage his funding. He has been utilising self-managed funding since 2009.

Qualification: BEd MEd

Additional Language: Bosnian

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Additional resources:

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