Nicole Buffoni

Nicole loves being a part of an inspiring network of parents and professionals. Under the supervision of some amazing women, I have been given permission to dream big for families in Australia with young children with a disability. I’m very honoured to be a peer facilitator.

When she first suspected that her son was on the Autism Spectrum she threw herself into researching and absorbing everything that she could about ASD. She feels she has come to learn so much, not only from professionals and other parents but most significantly from adults on the spectrum. This led her to explore and train in child lead, play-based, early intervention therapies such as Hanen More Than Words and DIR/Floortime. Nicole has since developed a strong interest in working with Social Stories, Visuals and Video Modelling.

As a former qualified teacher of dance and drama to young people she is also keenly interested in using the Arts to work with people of all abilities.

Nicole believes people with disabilities are, to quote Temple Grandin “Different, not less”
While she feels the “world is moving to a more inclusive space in gender, race and sexuality we still have much to do for people with disabilities. Whether that is in the media space, in the classroom or just in the community in general, more can be done to promote understanding and inclusion”. Nicole believes that all people who have a disability have the right to feel like a valid and contributing member of society.

Her other passion is to help families, especially those in their early years when they are first facing the news that their child may have a delay or disability. It is her dream that access to information, support, direction and positive role models should be easily available to parents at that crucial time.

Professional background: Theater Director and Literary Coordinator

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