Jessica Lee

Jessica has expertise in handwriting, feeding and Positive Behaviour Support especially with children with Autistic Spectrum Disorder, Developmental Delay and Sensory Processing Disorder. She has a special interest in using her knowledge and experience gained from her various degrees to work collaboratively with working collaboratively with parents and educators to be confident in supporting children with disabilities or delays in achieving their developmental goals using evidence-based practice. She is also passionate in upskilling parents and teachers, implementing positive behaviour support and supporting school readiness.

During her spare time, Jessica also runs an OT blog to advocate for the profession, to educate and provide strategies, and to network with international therapists and teachers. Jess enjoys gaining international experience as an OT when travelling overseas. She has volunteered with orphanages and practices across South East Asia.

Qualification: Bachelor of Health Science (Speech and Hearing); Master of Occupational Therapy; Cert III in Children’s Services

Additional Language: Cantonese

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