Chelsey feels passionate about creating a home where her children are happy, fearless and feel supported and loved so the have the opportunity to soar.

Chelsey loves being part of an inspiring team and learns everyday from both peers and the greater Plumtree community. Having experienced first hand the profoundly positive impact that a peer-based program to a family facing uncertainty, Chelsey feels excited to be part of the Plumtree Peer Facilitator family.

Chelsey is married to Ben and has two beautiful children, their son Otis and their daughter Coco. They love their Sunday Yum Cha sessions, beach trips and adventures both big and small.

Professional background: Design, Product management/ marketing and sales and business development in the clothing industry.

Chesley Co-Facilitates the NDIS Parents Training Session here at Plumtree such as: NDIS: The Basics, Kickstart your Child NDIS Plan, NNDIS Self-management and NDIS Plan review. See our calendar regularly for updates.

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