Pictability™: Planning done differently

A new way to plan and set goals

Unlike traditional planning methods typically led by professionals, Pictability™ puts families in the driver’s seat. Through playful exploration, families reconnect with what is truly important to them, their family and their child.

Pictability™ looks at the family as a whole. Research shows that parents often place all their energy into the child with a disability or delay. This is not sustainable in the long term and carers risk burnout and mental health challenges. The Pictability™ experience is designed to consider parents as an individual and their family as a whole. Children thrive when their family thrives.

The Pictability™ experience shines a light on a child’s abilities and strengths and helps families to focus on the things their child can do, opening the possibilities for a bright future. The experience provides a launching pad for the family to get started with achieving some of the goals which builds parenting efficacy. It also clarifies what goals the family will need professional help with thus providing a starting point for early intervention services.

A full toolkit comes with the program

The toolkit includes multiple cards and boards designed to support parents expanding on ideas to create deeper and more meaningful (ie developmental, social, learning) children goals as well as family and personal goals for themselves.

The Pictability™ visuals were co-designed with families to build capacity and inspire wellbeing and flourishing (Adler & Seligman, 2016) – informed by evidence about how parents used Individualised Funding to achieve their goals (Mahmic & Janson, 2018).

Train to become a Pictability™ Facilitator

Become a Pictability™ facilitator and support families to set a vision for their child, family and self with this awarding winning, internationally acclaimed visioning tool that will inform your family-centred approach.

There are 3 modules to complete in order to become a Pictability™ Facilitator.

Module 1 (Two hours)

In this introductory session, ECI professionals will:

  • Be introduced to the Pictability™ program from a parent’s perspective, enabling professionals to understand the value of the program for their families.

Module 2 (Three hours)

In this practical workshop, professionals will:

  • Learn about the theoretical foundations of Pictability™
  • Become familiar with the Pictability™ process
  • Practice skills to facilitate their first Pictability™ session.

Module 3 (Three hours)

In this practical session under the guidance of a Pictability™ Facilitator, you will
be paired with another ECI Professional in order to:

  • Facilitate your first Pictability™ session through role-play with that Professional
  • Role Reverse and re-experience as a parent participant
  • Analyse your first facilitation experience
  • Receive coaching from the Pictability™ Facilitator.

Online delivery

The sessions are delivered online, run by peer worker parents who have completed the Pictability™ Facilitator Training and are accredited to run the workshops. There are a maximum of 16 participants per workshop.


$540 per participant

We also deliver tailored programs for large organisations. Please contact Clayton Buffoni to discuss group discounts and alternative workshop times.

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Pictability Facilitator Training

M1: Mon 23 May; 10am-12pm
M2: Tue 31 May; 10am-1pm
M3: Fri 10 June; 10am-1pm
(Sydney time)

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