Our Pictability™ and Now & Next™ programs are like nothing you have experienced before.

Pictability is a unique and creative way for families to set a vision for a positive and attainable future. It supports families to engage in authentic, creative visioning for their disabled child and for themselves.

Now & Next, an evidence-based peer-led program, builds upon the visioning and goal setting of Pictability to build family capability in order to achieve the best life for their child. It provides families with the tools to start working toward their goals. Importantly, it helps them to build effective partnerships with professionals.

Both programs were developed by Plumtree Learning. They were designed using informed research from positive psychology, family-centred practice and gamification principles.

Who are the programs for?

In accordance with our Theory of Change, these family capacity building initiatives work with several groups of people:

  • professionals who support families
  • organisations that look after families with disabilities.
  • peer families who enrol in our leadership and facilitator training and
  • families raising a child with disability.

How can professionals get involved?

The Pictability™ process has proved to be an ideal therapeutic tool for:

  • Trained Professionals and
  • Trained Peer Workers.

It is used by these groups to:

  1. Build rapport and induct new families during onboarding, and/or
  2. Refresh the family goals and priorities to make sure we are all working on the same page.

The Now & Next program has been a huge success for:

  • Families of children with a disability or developmental delay, and
  • Building a Peer Workforce in ECI organisations.

It is used by these groups to:

  • Build family capability, and
  • Build alternative streams of family engagement.

Get started with Pictability™ and Now & Next™

Pictability™ Facilitator Training for Professionals

A three-module workshop that trains professionals to deliver the Pictability™ program to their client families in their own practice.

Now & Next™ Experience Program for Professionals

A free, 2-hour workshop introducing professionals to the Now & Next™ program so they can understand how it might benefit their client families to enrol in the program.

Peer Workers in ECI Organisations for Managers

A free, 3-hour workshop introducing ECI managers to the benefits of developing a peer workforce for your organisation, and how peer workers can enhance your professional practice and your bottom line.

Research on impact of the training on professionals

By the end of 2020 we will have trained more than 100 professional facilitators to deliver Pictability™.

  • 97% said the training deepened their understanding of family-centred practice. The other 3% said that they had ‘a solid understanding already’.
  • 100% were confident to facilitate Pictability™ after the training.

(Based on feedback from participants of seven early childhood intervention organisations in NSW Australia 2018).

Feedback from professionals

Are you part of a larger organisation wanting to engage with Now & Next™ or our other programs?

Professionals can further engage with Plumtree Learning’s unique programs by introducing their client families to the Now & Next program and the Now & Next Facilitation program.

Ultimately, the organisation can become an accredited hub to deliver Plumtree Learning programs to its clients.

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