Plumtree weekly playgroups facilitated online or face-to-face playgroups during school terms for children of different ages.

Playgroups are a great environment for children to learn new skills through meeting other adults and children. Our playgroups are a way for families to connect to Plumtree and other families in a friendly, play environment where the whole family is welcome.

Benefits of playgroups for children

  • A great way for your child to socialise with other children
  • Provide an early childhood environment so that they can learn through play
  • Provide opportunities for your child to develop their communication skills

Benefits of playgroups for families

  • Meet with our highly skilled team to talk about your child’s development
  • Learn more about other programs offered at Plumtree
  • Connect with other families to share information and experiences
  • Provide a safe place for children to play

Explorers Play

Face to Face

FREE – For babies and children under 3 years and not yet walking

  • Enjoyable play activities
  • Opportunities for very young children to develop moving, playing and communicating skills
  • Run by a speech pathologist and early childhood teacher
  • Opportunities to talk with other families

Time: Mondays 9:30am-11am, 8 sessions during school term

Join us in Explorers Play (Term 3 – July 2022)

Music Together

Face to Face

FREE – For 3-5 year olds

  • Musical fun in a relaxed group
  • Explore creativity through playing, dancing and singing
  • Follow simple play-based instructions in a set routine each week
  • Opportunities to connect with other families, share information and ideas

Time: Wednesdays 10am-10:45am, 8 sessions during school term

Join us in Music Together online (Term 3 – July 2022)


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