Lasting positive change for your child and family

We all want our children to thrive, and you make the biggest difference as parents and carers. By building on our children’s strengths, we can help them to lead a good life. Now & Next is an award-winning program that makes that happen.

Now & Next is facilitated by trained parent peer workers with lived experience in raising a child with a disability or developmental delay. By learning through shared experience and connecting with other families, the program complements the therapists and professionals you work with, to deliver great outcomes.

Over eight online sessions, learn how to:

  • Achieve more positive outcomes with less effort
  • Create a vision, and build on your child and family’s strengths to make a big impact
  • Increase family well-being and resilience
  • Use strategies that have worked for other families
  • Work better with professionals and other supports to achieve your goals
  • Spend your NDIS or disability funding wisely

Use your NDIS or disability funding and get results

Now & Next costs $1133.92 AUD, which can be claimed by Australian families connected to the NDIS. That’s about the same cost as four therapy sessions. The skills you learn at Now & Next will enable you to provide lasting positive change now, and into the future, for the entire family.

Daytime, nighttime, weekend or intensive programs in English or other languages are available to suit your needs. You are also welcome to register if you have other individual funding options or are outside of Australia. Get in touch if you have any questions.

Learn life-changing skills for your child, your family and yourself. Register below.

What families say about Now & Next

Choose your preferred
Now & Next group

Now & Next – Sunday Group
From Sunday 12 February to 
Sunday 2 April12.30pm to 2.30pm 
AEST/Sydney time

Now & Next – Monday Group
From Monday 13 February to 
Monday 3 April8pm to 10pm
 AEST/Sydney time

Now & Next – Tuesday Group
From Tuesday 14 February to 
Tuesday 4 April8pm to 10pm
 AEST/Sydney time

Now & Next – Wednesday Group | Daytime
From Wednesday 15 February to 
Wednesday 5 April12.30pm to 2.30pm
 AEST/Sydney time

Now & Next – Wednesday Group | Evenings
From Wednesday 15 February to 
Wednesday 5 April8pm to 10pm
 AEST/Sydney time

Now & Next – Thursday Group
From Thursday 16 February to 
Thursday 6 April8pm to 10pm
 AEST/Sydney time


Families thrive with Now & Next

The Now & Next program is robust and evidence-based.

Our research analysis and an external evaluation shows that the program works and children achieve positive outcomes.

The program we needed when our children were little

As mothers of young men with disabilities, we developed Now & Next to give families hope for a future of possibilities for their children.

In Now & Next, we give families the tools to build on their strengths so that they understand what to do to help their child thrive and progress.

Sylvana Mahmic CEO Plumtree and Dr Annick Janson Research Director Plumtree Learning

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