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PhotoVoice enables children to share their unique community perspectives and experiences with others through photography.

Our aim is for all children to participate and have their voices heard, but we understand support may be needed.

Parents or carers can help their child by holding the phone or camera, making suggestions on what to photograph, or interpreting their child’s behaviour as something they like or don’t like in the community.

What do I need to do?

Read all about the PhotoVoice in this Information Sheet and Social Story below.

Help your child take photos of activities they enjoy or are challenging to do in their community. You can use a phone, tablet device or camera.

Go to PhotoVoice to upload your photos and help your child to answer some questions. Carers can also make comments in brackets.

Community & Me – Social Story


In collaboration with the Centre for Disability, Research and Policy at the University of Sydney, Plumtree has co-designed a survey where children with disability and their families will share their insights on the places they enjoy visiting, the ease or challenges of accessing them, and what a great experience would be like.

Going to the beach

“Van. I have fun.”

This is where Victoria’s carer, Van, brings her on a Saturday morning. They visit a café at the beach to enjoy a babycino and then go for a walk along the beach.

Victoria PhotoVoice experience

“While helping Victoria share her views through PhotoVoice, there was this beautiful awareness I wouldn’t otherwise have had.

It was just wonderful to realise that Victoria could engage in a conversation to express things she likes. This reminded me to step back more to give her that opportunity, because her voice matters.”

~Melo (Victoria’s dad)

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This research is being conducted by the Centre for Disability Research and Policy at the University of Sydney in partnership with Plumtree Children’s Services. If you have any questions about the Family Survey or the research, please contact Dr Genevieve Johnsson [Chief Investigator]

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