A more inclusive future

Going out into the community is an enjoyable learning experience. How can organisations and public spaces support children with a disability to have fun and thrive?

Community & Me aims to nurture better inclusive communities as our children grow and discover the world. We welcome you to contribute to this research project which will help shape positive change.

Community & Me is a peer-led co-designed community inclusion project

Family Survey

Families of children with disability or delay share their insights and experiences about participating in community activities in a co-designed Family Survey.


PhotoVoice study shows what children like to do in the community through their pictures. They can also take photos of things they don’t like in the community and when they don’t feel included.

Inclusion Visioning Kit

The Inclusion Visioning Kit is a tool for organisations in the community to assess their services and learn to better welcome children with disability and delay aged 0–14 and their families.


A range of social media resources to publicise for this project with your networks.

Meet the team

Dr Genevieve


Dr Annick



Peer leader


Project lead

Co-design team

Dr. Naomi Hackworth – Senior program manager, Raising Children Network
Falak Helwani – Research and evaluation officer, Rare Voices Australia 
Stacey Touma – CEO, Reframing Disability 
Durga Rimal – Case manager, Red Cross Albury 
Tanya and Abbey Faulkner
Domenica Decrea – Project director, Reimagine Australia
Simone Yandell – WA operations manager, Kalparrin 
Emer Hickey – Avivo WA 
Jade Wright – Writer and advocate
Abrahim Darouiche – Advocate and facilitator

Sylvana Mahmic – CEO, Plumtree
Nicole Buffoni – Peer leader, Plumtree 
Mohammed Hussaini – Peer worker, Plumtree
Isabel Le – Peer worker, Plumtree
Leonie Measom – Peer worker, Plumtree 
Kylie Aetkins – Peer worker, Plumtree
Jackie Pasternak – Designer
Mogi Bayasgalan – Peer worker, Plumtree

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Issue #1- June 2022
Inclusion starts with ‘welcome’

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Family Survey
Inclusion Visioning Kit

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This research is being conducted by the Centre for Disability Research and Policy at the University of Sydney in partnership with Plumtree Children’s Services. If you have any questions about the Family Survey or the research, please contact Dr Genevieve Johnsson [Chief Investigator]


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