Launching a Peer led series ‘Let’s talk about…’

Plumtree is excited to launch a Peer-led series of ‘Let’s talk about..’ workshops, created & facilitated by families, and for families of children with disability or developmental delay.

This series will highlight a new topic each month, with the flexibility of a day session, and a repeated evening session, so families have greater opportunity to attend one, or both, sessions.

A range of topics will be covered, with a focus on

  • our children (using visual schedules & supports, preparing for school, making the most of therapy funding…and more),
  • our families (sibling relationships, discussing disability with our children…and more), and
  • Parents & Carers (health & wellbeing…and more).

This series will be facilitated by Peer Workers, Jennifer Williamson & Stacey Touma, both parents of young boys with disabilities. Some sessions will include Peer panels and guest speakers to join us for particular topics.

Workshops will be dynamic and provide a forum where parents and carers can ask questions, contribute ideas, and learn from each other. Parents and Carers are encouraged to bring resources, tips and ideas to share. We recognise parents and carers as the experts in their children’s lives, and that the deep knowledge and experience that each of us can offer, is a rich resource to our community, and that we have so much that we can learn from each other.

Our tagline of ‘Learn.Share.Create’ captures the desired outcomes for each session – that parents and carers come together and learn new strategies, share ideas & resources, and create connections.

There will be practical takeaways and next steps identified at each workshop.

Check out the Learning Together Calendar for details of events or follow us on Facebook.

If you would like to contribute or have a suggestion for workshop’s topics, complete this survey or contact Stacey Touma on

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