Melo Kalemkeridis

Peer Facilitator

Melo’s interests are shaped by the challenges his daughter faces and include communication (AAC), feeding, behaviour and mobility. He is passionate about being a life long learner, and helping people be the best they can be. He is particularly interested in assisting fathers to be better parents, partners and people. Melo’s tight family unit includes his amazing wife Angela, their son Yianni and their daughter Victoria. They try and balance their time between honouring their space as individuals and having group time together. Angela and Melo are still working on our second date night for the year!

Melo loves being a Peer Facilitator because it allows him to contributing and help to make a difference with people and their families’ lives.

Professional background: Holistic Life Coach, NLP Practitioner, facilitator of parenting workshops including Circle of Security, 123Magic and Emotion Coaching

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