Melanie Heyworth

Peer Facilitator

Melanie has completed postgraduate study in Autism and has a special interest in autism acceptance and in promoting the neurodiversity movement. She is particularly interested in supporting families with school-aged children in their journey to experience genuinely inclusive schooling. Melanie is passionate about seeing our children as beautiful, not broken, as different, not less and wants every parent to see their children through the lens of their child’s strengths and gifts, and not defined by their deficits or diagnosis. Melanie and her husband are constantly entertained by their three, young, neurodivergent sons, who light up their lives.

Melanie loves being a Peer Facilitator because it allows her to support families in their journeys with their children, and learn from others’ journeys.

Professional background: Academic in Medieval Studies, freelance writer and editor, Autism advocate


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