Annual Reports

You can learn more about Plumtree’s activities and achievements by reading our Annual Reports.

Annual Report

In 2020, we successfully
moved our services online to help families prepare for the NDIS and continue to thrive during the pandemic.

Annual Report

In 2019, we successfully
transitioned into our first full
year of the NDIS.

Annual Report

In 2018, our award-winning
Now & Next
program launched overseas.

Annual Report

In 2017, we received
industry accolades for our
innovative program Now & Next.

Annual Report

In 2016, we successfully
prepared for the roll-out of the NDIS.
We focused on empowering families
in creating vision and goals.

Annual Report

In 2015, we transitioned
to our new name ‘Plumtree’.
We also embarked on
the Family Story Project.

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