About us

Plumtree is a not-for-profit organisation that provides support for both young children aged birth to 8 years old who have a developmental delay or disability and their families. Our vision is a society where children with disabilities and developmental delays, and their families, are supported to have a full life in the community.

Plumtree has been a trusted community-based organisation for over 30 years. We draw on the diverse expertise of our staff to provide tailored support for children and families, including education, therapy, information and training in a variety of settings — in the home, at the child’s preschool, child care centre or school, at our Marrickville centre and in other community settings and online.

We have an outstanding team who work from the heart, bringing a diversity of expertise and deep knowledge to a nurturing environment where families no longer feel isolated, but instead feel more cared for and informed. We also proudly pioneer innovative new ways to help our families. We are big enough so our team can provide a depth of expertise to you and your child yet small enough to really care and influence the community we work with.

Our team

Our team work together with you so that your child can be more active and independent in family and community life.

We bring a wide range of expertise and deep knowledge to our work and are passionate about what we do. Our team have training and experience to work with children who have a range of delays and disabilities. They also have completed the Key Worker training that provides you with a single point of contact at Plumtree.

Our team approach ensures you get the best outcome because all the professionals are in one place. This can save time and money but above all, it supports a high quality of service for you.

We also employ

A peer worker team of parents who have children with disabilities so that we can offer each family a holistic family-centred experience.

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A therapy assistant team

Together, we speak 17 languages.

Values & Culture

We believe that every child with a disability or developmental delay has a right to participate in family and community life. We work together with families towards this goal. Our culture is truly supportive, based on integrity, respect, flexibility and genuine caring for each other, our communities and the work we do in partnership with families.

Our board

Plumtree is supported by a dedicated board with diverse experience, united by their commitment to children and families.

Annual reviews

You can learn more about Plumtree’s activities and achievements by reading our Annual Reports.

Get involved with Plumtree

You can help to change lives and empower people.

Plumtree are well connected with and respected by the government, the Early Childhood Early Intervention (ECEI) community, the research community and the broader community. These connections help us to make a meaningful difference for our families.

In return, our families also do so much in kind work for us. If you have a fundraising idea, or if you can volunteer to help us with day-to-day activities, we would love to hear from you. Plumtree is also a registered charity and any gift is much appreciated and is tax deductible.

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