Family Stories

We know that families find support in sharing their stories with each other, but it’s hard to find time to do this when they are focused on providing the best they can for their child.

So, Dr Annick Janson has joined Plumtree to develop an online library of films in which families share their stories about individual funding, with the aim of supporting other families.

Dr Janson and Sylvana Mahmic are both mothers of young men who have disabilities. Along with interviewing and filming, they shared their own stories of individual funding with the families. Thank you to everyone who has shared their stories and more will be coming soon.

Individual funding for families of young children

At Plumtree, we believe that families should have greater control over the services they receive. One way that this can happen is when families are are in charge of some, or all, of the money that is allocated to their child. Some families access funding through FaHCSIA (Better Start and Helping Children with Autism) or other funding, which give them the choice of how their allocated funds are spent.

Pathways also offers flexible funding packages under our Plan and Do program. You can spend this funding to help you reach the goals that you have for your child and family. For more information see here.