ECEI Transition Partner

For children birth to 6 years old – the early years make a difference

If you are reading this, you may be worried about your child’s development. Your worry is a sign of your love for your child – you want the very best for him or her. You know your child so well, and it always makes good sense to follow up on your concerns.

Perhaps your child isn’t talking as much as other children the same age, or you are concerned they are not walking.  Or perhaps there is something about his or her play or behaviour that worries you. Whatever your concern, there are people who can help you. Often, the first conversation is hardest. Once you have raised your worries once, it becomes easier.

Plumtree can help and there are other organisations who can too. We are one of a network of providers in NSW who are partners with the National Disability Insurance Scheme to help families in these very early stages. This role is called Early Childhood Early Intervention Transition (ECEI) Provider.

When a child needs extra support, the first point of call will be an Early Childhood Early Intervention Provider.  Staff in these services will spend time getting to know you and your child. They will listen to what is important to you and assist you to plan the next steps. They will explain the different kinds of supports, education and therapy on offer, from their service and from others in the community. They will also support you with your own needs as parents.

Every child and family’s experience will be different. Ways in which the ECEI provider can help you include:

  • Sharing information to help you understand your child’s needs
  • Suggesting supports available in the community to help you achieve your goals for your child
  • Providing initial early supports if your child needs these
  • Linking you with other families who also have concerns about their child, if this is something you would like to do

If your child will be best supported by an NDIS plan, we will help you to get started and then work to develop a plan with you.

Get in touch with Plumtree to find out how we can assist you as an ECEI provider: email or Elif 9572 8840

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